The most important capital is for Kocaman construction is, creating professional, motivated, socially competent, creating value-added employee profile in the professional founded on managing, directing and developing the human resources in a proper way.

-To ensure that the right people are employed in the right position.

-To ensure the shortest and most effective orientation of the purchasing.

– For new position, firstly to evaluate the human resource in the group.

-To ensure that employees receive duties in accordance with their keep the morale and motivation of employees every level at the highest level, to create family awareness.

-To create a healthy, safe and peaceful work environment in terms of worker health and safety.

– To determine training needs for employees, to prepare and implement training programs.

– Evaluating and rewarding employee performances according to objective criteria.

-To provide internship opportunities to university students.

To provide open communication environment.

-Protect and improve all personal right of personnel.